Argan Oil

Luxuriously rich oil renowned for helping skin and hair feel soft, nourished and sumptuous.

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  • Cruelty Free
  • Registered with the Vegan Society

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Known as liquid gold, Argan is a gift from nature. It’s a super versatile oil for face, body, hair, eyelashes and nails.

    • Food grade
    • Certified cruelty free and vegan friendly
    • Boosts shine and condition of hair and tames frizz
    • Optimum balance of fatty essential acids
    • Rich in Oleic acid (Omega 9), Linoleic acid (Omega 6) and Vitamin E
    • Exceptional moisturiser
    • Particularly beneficial for mature skin
    • Perfect choice for your DIY beauty recipes

Ingredient Profile

100% Pure Argan Oil

Argania spinosa

Argan Plant




Pale yellow

Extraction Method

Extraction Method:

This is an exceptional refined Argan Oil. Extracted from the kernel of the slow growing Argan tree by expeller pressing. Hexane free.


Subtle oil scent

We source our Argan direct from the first women run co-operative in Morocco. The network educates local families about the value of the Argan tree in Morocco and promotes the prevention of deforestation by offering a more sustainable source of income. We go above and beyond to source our ingredients ethically to ensure the highest quality at a great price!

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Applying a few drops on the skin help soften, restore brightness, and protect it from the effects of a modern lifestyle. Excellent as a day and night moisturiser and re-invigorator. 


Add a few drops to your hair after showering or before styling for glossy, healthy looking hair. Add a couple of drops of Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang or another essential oil for a beautifully fragranced hair oil.

MYO recipe

This must have beauty oil can be used to make your own rejuvenating facial serum. Combine Argan Oil (#228) with Apricot Kernel Oil (#204) and Organic Geranium Rose Oil (#186) for a wonderfully textured, moisturising, reviving serum.

• 20ml Argan
• 30ml Apricot Kernel
• 8 drops of Organic Geranium Rose

After cleansing, massage a small amount onto your face and neck, taking care to avoid the eye area.

As with any new product always conduct a patch test before first use.

Food use

Spruce up your dishes by adding a little Organic Argan Oil to your cuisine. This versatile oil can be used in salad dressings, smoothies, pasta dishes, a dip for bread, drizzled over grilled fish or meat, roasted vegetables and many more. It adds flavour and richness.

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