Grapefruit Essential Oil

100% pure and natural, expeller pressed Grapefruit Essential Oil. Uplifting, and energising. Wonderful refreshing and invigorating citrusy aroma. Often used in aromatherapy. A great oil for skincare, often used in cosmetics as a natural skin toner and cleanser suited for oily skin. With its powerful, fruity scent, this vibrant oil can also be used to make homemade beauty and natural cleaning products. Not tested on animals and vegan friendly. Hexane free.


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This wonderfully, refreshing oil is versatile and very popular in aromatherapy for its therapeutic benefits similar to those of other citrus oils. It has an invigorating, sharp and stimulating aroma. In aromatherapy and vaporiser treatments, it can give you the boost you need and leave you feeling revived and revitalised.

In massage, Grapefruit Oil is often added to blends for is strong, fruity aroma and its energising powers. It is said to have a stimulating effect increasing the effectiveness of the massage. Its powerful citrusy aroma brings a vibrant element and can help lift the blend. This super versatile oil blends well with other citrus oils, woody oils and floral oils.

Grapefruit Essential Oil is commonly used in skincare for those who have oily skin or a greasy complexion. It is said to help smooth and soften the skin leaving it feeling supple and revitalised. It is an astringent so it is great for use in a toner.

Grapefruit Essential Oil can be used in combination to your regular shampoo for stronger, healthier and shinier hair. Grapefruit Oil is often used in hair care products for those with oily hair as it has balancing and clarifying properties.

Grapefruit Oil is phototoxic, like all citrus oils so my cause irritation when exposed to direct sunlight immediately after application.

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Grapefruit Oil has quite a high dermal limit so you can dilute at a percentage of 2% of the finished blend (2ml of essential oil to 100ml of carrier oil). Do not use undiluted on the skin. Consult your doctor or midwife before using during pregnancy.


Add a few of drops to your daily cleanser for added benefits. Or why not try adding it to a floral water to make your own super simple toner. Remember to shake it up before use. Apply the toner to a cotton wool pad and sweep it over your skin after cleansing.


Make your own massage blend by adding Grapefruit to your favourite massage oil base. Try experimenting by combining Grapefruit other essential oils with a carrier oil. We recommend Sweet Almond (#215), Grapeseed (#210) or Coconut Oil (#203).


Add a drop or two to your shampoo for added benefits or make your own hair mask with warm Coconut Oil and a few drops of Grapefruit Essential Oil. Massage into hair and scalp, cover with a towel, leave on for at least half an hour then wash and condition as normal. Top tip – begin to lather the shampoo before adding water to hep emulsify the oil which will help it rinse out easier.

Beauty Hack

A beautiful scented oil that makes the perfect addition to your homemade beauty formulations like creams, lotions, balms, bath salts, bath bombs or massage oils.

As with any new product always conduct a patch test before first use.


100% Grapefruit Essential Oil


Citrus Paradisi

Country of Origin



Refreshing, clean, sharp, bitter, fruity, citrusy. Top note.


Colourless to dark yellow

Extraction Method

The essential oil is extracted through the process of expeller pressing using the fresh peel. The yield is lower than oranges and lemons when distilled so this is why Grapefruit is typically pressed as this produces a much higher yield.

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