From seed to skin

Jojoba story

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil is a light oil that's suitable for all skin types. The one we source is 100% natural, pure and completely free of additives and preservatives. We love it and we’re sure you will too.

To find the most premium and sustainable Jojoba Oil to offer you, we started a beautiful partnership with a community in Israel. Their commitment to ethics and sustainability is something we are also very passionate about! 

Jojoba Seeds

Sustainable Jojoba

The lightweight and fast absorbing golden oil is extracted through cold pressing from jojoba seeds and it closely resembles the natural oils of the skin (sebum). It has been cultivated by a cooperative settlement to reclaim the land back from the barren desert sands to create a green oasis of Jojoba plants. The project is owned by the local desert community with over 25 years’ experience and has a deep connection to the unique desert soil, nurturing from seed to oil.

Nothing goes to waste!

The Co-op is committed to its values of social and gender equality, de-desertification, communal responsibility and of course creating a sustainable eco-friendly environment.

The plantations are pesticide free and they use recycled water in a drip irrigation system so that no water ever goes to waste. They use renewable energy to power the plantation, with solar panels and turbines. The jojoba pulp, a by-product of the oil production, is used as animal feed. So, as you can see, they take sustainability very seriously!

Jojoba field

We always try to form partnerships with suppliers who share our values and we found a perfect match in the heart of the Negev desert!

Naturally, Naissance xxx