Neem, Virgin Oil

100% pure, unrefined, cold pressed, Virgin Neem Oil. Rich in essential fatty acids and Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant.

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Neem Virgin Oil is packed full of essential fatty acids. It contains around 50% Oleic Acid which means Neem Virgin is super moisturising and great for dry skin. It is also rich in Palmitic and Stearic Acid.

As well as these essential fatty acids, it contains antioxidizing Vitamin E. All these components mean that Virgin Neem is an excellent choice for skincare as it can help fight damage causing free radicals in the skin. Its emollient properties mean it makes an effective skin conditioner. It doesn’t mix with water so when applied topically in a thin layer, it seals in moisture and creates a protective layer on the skin.

Neem Virgin is a wonder oil for your hair and scalp. It is super conditioning to the hair and is also great for preventing frizzy hair. It repels moisture which causes frizz and protects the hair from environmental elements.

Virgin Neem has a very strong pungent odour. Don’t let this put you off though. The benefits are worth it! Neem oil has a soft, waxy consistency at room temperature, for a free-flowing liquid, stand container in warm water to turn to liquid state or dilute Neem with a carrier oil to a maximum of 10% Neem to 90% carrier oil and this will help reduce the pungency of the odour.

Certified cruelty free and vegan friendly.

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Use in skincare for creams, lotions and balms. Can be used as a gentle and effective cleanser and make-up remover. Dilute with Virgin Coconut Oil (#203) and add a few drops of your favourite essential oils to reduce the pungency of the odour.


Use as a deep conditioning hair mask. Dilute with your chosen carrier oil, Coconut Oil (#203) is a good choice. Massage into hair and scalp, cover with a towel, leave on for minimum of twenty minutes then wash as normal, for soft, shiny more manageable hair.


Use as a massage oil base, blend with another carrier oil to dilute and add your favourite essential oils for added benefits of the chosen essential oils. 

Beauty Hack

Blend with Jojoba (#233) and Organic Frankincense Essential Oil (#185) to make your own wrinkle fighting serum packed full of nutrients that your skin will love. Ratio 90% Jojoba, 9% Neem, 1% Frankincense. So, to make 100ml blend 90ml Jojoba, 9ml Neem and 1ml (20 drops) Frankincense.

As with any new product always conduct a patch test before first use.


100% Neem Virgin oil


Azadirachta Indica

Country of Origin



Typical neem


Brown to greenish brown waxy liquid

Extraction Method

Neem Virgin is extracted by cold pressing the seeds and fruit of the Azedaracha Indica tree. It is a quick growing, evergreen tree indigenous to India. Its beneficial properties have been well known in India for over four thousand years.

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